Our full-service Specialty Pharmacy keeps costs in check while also ensuring quality care and solid clinical support.


Better outcomes with appropriate spending

Specialty drugs are important therapies that are used to treat complex or chronic medical conditions that may have no known cure and/or be progressive, debilitating, or even fatal if not properly treated. Whether they are oral, injectable, inhalable or infused they all require special handling, are not stocked in a majority of pharmacies and most importantly require additional patient education and support.

These drugs represent less than 1% of all prescriptions but make up 40% to 50% of the total drug spend. And the cost is growing rapidly.

A specialty drug pharmacy with direct drug price and rebate contracts, with professional, qualified, and personalized patient assistance is needed to ensure the best outcomes for both patients and employers.


  • Clinical monitoring and support to improve compliance and reduce potential health risks and potential serious side effects
  • Verification of appropriate dosage and quantity based on patients’ needs
  • Free drug administration supplies
  • Coordination of manufacturer coupons and vouchers / COPD
  • Copayment assistance program assistance
  • Patient Education

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