Providing Health Care is Complicated. Getting the Prescriptions You Need Should Not Be.

Health Care is complicated and getting more complicated every day. But figuring out how to get the care you need at a price you can afford should not be. And for most people filling Prescriptions has become the biggest challenge. That’s just not fair.

Everything we do at FairScript is geared toward getting members the care they need quickly, easily at a price that’s fair to them and to their health plan. We provide all the services of a large PBM but do so as a fully transparent and accountable administrator responsible to both the member and the plan. We work for you providing all the service and support you want and need at a Fair price.

Everything we do at FairScript has fairness at its core. We provide true pass-through pricing, billing you exactly what we pay the pharmacies on fair, competitive contracts. Unlike PBMs, we don’t hold money back from pharmacies — disguised as direct or indirect reimbursements, participation fees, processing fees or transaction fees — then mark up the cost to you and your employees.

We operate as a Pharmacy Benefit Administrator (PBA) rather than a Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM), and there is a big difference between the two.

The result? Lower cost and less frustration.

Patient education

Clinical monitoring and support

Dosage and quantity verification

Assistance with co-payment support programs

Coordination with manufacturer coupons and vouchers

Insurance verification and reimbursement

Co Pay accumulator support

The FairScript Advantage

Customer Focused

Our approach is highly tailored to each client’s prescription needs and company goals, with high-touch customer service.

Clear, Open and Trustworthy

We allow clients full access to all costs, contracts and any rebates we may receive and always operate to the highest fiduciary standards.

Cost Effective

Keeping members healthy with the most cost effective therapy options is our goal.

An Intently Clinical Focus

Our processes and procedures are based on ensuring members can get the therapies they need, the education and support they need, at prices you and they can afford.

The solution you have been looking for

FairScript is the solution you have been looking for. Our custom-tailored approach features low cost, high quality gold-standard transparency — with full access to all costs and contracts — plus customer service you can count on.

A truly transparent PBA is the better choice:

  • Flexible to your needs
  • Focused on service
  • Dedicated to health

All at a lower cost.

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