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PBMs receive a lot of money in a lot of invisible ways including steerage to higher cost drugs with higher rebates, fees for assisting members to stay on high cost drugs, spreads between what they pay the pharmacy and what they charge the plan, direct and indirect fees they charge pharmacies to claw back money they pay the pharmacies to fill your prescriptions, member taxes where they charge the member more than they are paying the pharmacy for the drug, often more than the full cash price the member could buy the drug for, and more. And to hide all of that under what appear to be guaranteed discounts and guaranteed rebates they classify the same drug differently on different reports and even differently on different days of the week. We will never do any of that.

Our Bottom Line Philosophy includes:

Honest Pricing

  • We receive no income other than the transparent fee we bill you for our services
    • No spreads we pay the pharmacies exactly what you see
    • You see the exact same prices the pharmacies see
    • No direct or indirect pharmacy reimbursements – we don’t pay the pharmacies then claw back the money to hide our fees from you
100% True Pass Through Rebates

  • You receive 100% of all rebates no matter how they are labeled or described
    • We provide all the details necessary to audit and verify the rebates

  • Guarantees Available

  • We use the same drug type indicators for payment, pricing and reporting
  • We do not classify drugs one way to meet guarantees and a different way when reporting on utilization or performance
  • We do not classify drugs one way when paying the pharmacies and a different way when billing you
We Support Full Formulary Flexibility

  • Our standard formularies can be customized to your needs
  • Completely custom formularies can be implemented to meet your needs
  • No minimum differences in copays or cost between tiers
We Put Clinical Effectiveness First

  • We use prior authorizations when needed to ensure safe and effective care not to steer to high rebate drugs
  • We support cost tier lowering when patients are using the most medically effective drugs
  • We provide support, assistance and education on complicated specialty drug therapies

Service Philosophy


Our goal is to provide the best plan member service and best plan sponsor service in the industry.


Our service is focused, tailored, and personalized.


We strive to minimize disruption and avoid surprises.


We believe every customer deserves to be treated like family.


We Believe Physicians should make care decisions and our role is to help the member and the plan by providing access to the care at the lowest price and with as little delay as possible.

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